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How we used the Bible in are homeschooling

  How we used the Bible in our homeschooling  Being homeschooled has brought me closer to my family but also closer to God. Growing up we would do Bible study together at the kitchen table it was part of our homeschooling curriculum. My mom would write down a bible verse that I and my sisters would rewrite and study in tell we could read it out loud and memorize it then we would go to another bible verse and do the same. She would also read us Christian books for kids with questions at the end of the story and we would answer them as a family we would as take a turn praying every night. We talked about God and we invited other kids our age to church with us and we would go to church activities and Sunday school as a family. I would read Adam and Eve to my little sister every night at bedtime it was her favorite story. The two Christian books that my mom would read to us were the princess and the kiss by Jennie bishop it a story of God’s gift of purity and how a princess saved her first

Interviewing Author Phillipa Warden Books

A blog post for Angelika Fish  Phillipa Warden Books  I’m the author of Rupert’s Snowman which was published in September 2020 during the Covid Pandemic. Its launch was far from the one I’d envisaged. I imagined signing copies in our local bookshop surrounded by friends, family, and well-wishers with children running around wearing the woolen scarves and bobble hats I had been collecting for the occasion and everyone eating my snow bites and drinking hot chocolate. Instead, I was sitting in my living room, introducing my book to the world via Facebook Live!  It was actually really good fun but I’m keen to do the next one in front of a live audience. I interviewed my son, Rupert whom the book is based upon and he read it beautifully and we ran giveaways and discussed the book's central theme of empathy and we had a live Q and A. Rupert at our Facebook Live launch wearing the Empathy Goggles Rupert’s Snowman came about after a snow day spent with my son. I had asked him to write a di