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My Interview with young Adult Book Anther Susan Kotch

My Interview with young Adult Book Anther Susan Kotch   Meet Susan Kotch she  is the Author of Casey of cranberry cove  She is also a teach for 8th Graders. In this picture is Susan and her golden doodle Sasha. Q. 1   when did you decide you were going to write young adult book? A. In 2014, I had an 8th grade class who hated reading. As a teacher, I wanted them to understand how important it is to read, and how much can be learned from reading. When I tried to interest them in books, they'd always tell me there was nothing good to read. So they challenged me to write a book because then they'd read it. So I did, over that summer, begin writing Casey of Cranberry Cove. Q.2 how did you come up with the name of your books A. The book is set in the town where I live, and there used to be an inlet that connected the ocean to the bay in the 1700s that has since been filled in by sand. That inlet was called Cranberry Inlet by the early settlers to the a