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Book review:The Adventures of Bubblegum Bobby: The Journey Begins by Camille Akpulonu (Author)

The Journey Begins is the first book in the series entitled, The Adventures of Bubblegum Bobby. Bubblegum Bobby's main goal is to blow the world's largest bubble to impress his older brother and get into the Guinness Book of World Records like his father, the strongest man in the world. Bobby is a daydreaming, honest, quirky kid who wants to do right, but always imagines doing so much wrong. While blowing one of his largest bubbles, he and his curious dog get stuck inside, and that is when the adventure begins. Great book for ages   5 - 12 years Cute story fun for all ages.  Love this cute little story.  This book has  84 pages I was very happy when the author asked me to review her book the story made me smile. Very cute book with a good  message,  When I was a kindergarten teacher's aide I did storytime and the children would have loved this story this book would be great in a classroom library and on your child's bookshelf. Here is the link to her book.  https://www.