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Interviewing Author Miss Farrah Movement and Fun

Interviewing Author  Miss Farrah Movement and Fun Q1. Tell me about yourself A. Some people may not know that I am a Wonder Woman enthusiast with quite a collection of memorabilia. Wonder Woman is more than a fictional character to me. Wonder Woman is a mindset! With having many barriers in life to overcome I have found her strength to be symbolic and encouraging to strive to be the best version of me! I also just completed a Wonder Woman 5k this summer in honor of all the strong women who have influenced my life.    I also enjoy spending time with my husband Todd whether it be cruising in our Ford Mustang, enjoying a movie together, or finding new restaurants to enjoy. We reside in Uhrichsville, Ohio where we have the honor of being involved with the local high school marching band. This is my 13th year working with the Claymont Marching Band as the Color guard instructor and dance specialist. Color guard is another passion of mine. I enjoy choreographing fun flag routines and band da

Interviewing Author Karen Smith

  Interviewing Author Karen Smith Q1. Tell me about yourself?  A.  My name is Karen Sue Smith.  I have lived in Wheaton, Illinois since 2003.  My husband and I celebrated our twenty-ninth wedding anniversary on August 4, 2020.  We have three children on earth and three in heaven.  We have a Havanese dog named Clara, and a Holland Lop bunny named Lilly. I am a Kingdom Builder’s Academy certified coach.  I love helping others find clarity in their life calling and see their dreams become reality.  I love helping other people write and accomplish their goals.  I do laser coaching, where I help my clients develop their vision, and then break down the steps to see what they want into small, actionable steps that they can take each day. Q2.What are your favorite books to read?  A.  The Bible is my favorite book to read and study.  I also love to read biographies.  I enjoy learning through the eyes of others. Q3. When did you decide you were going to write a book?  A.  When I was in sixth gra