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Book Review.Little Pink Kitty Christmas Pete Marksteiner

 if you’ve got kids or grandkids who celebrate Christmas, I guarantee you’ll relate to the story.  The lyrics of a song tell the tale of a dad’s desperate, last-minute Christmas Eve search for a stuffed pink kitty cat for his little girl. The book (and song) describes how just when all seems lost, miracles come true for both dad and daughter, and how dad realizes that Christmas isn’t about things you give or receive, because if you have friends and family you love and who love you in return, you already have the most important things you could ever want. “Little Pink Kitty Christmas The colors of this book are so pretty the Illustrations are wonderful.  The author did an amazing job on this story it is very heartwarming.  This would make a Great Gift for any child.  detailed illustrations bring the story to life. so little ones can enjoy the retelling of the story set to a lullaby-like tune anywhere, any time,  Charming Christmas story. an inspiring and heartwarming story for “kids fro

Author Interview Pete Marksteiner

  1. Tell me about yourself. As a retired military lawyer-turned songwriter, and now first-time children’s book author, I’d describe myself as “a fairly average guy, blessed by an extraordinary family, leading a blissfully ordinary life.” After 35 years of the Monday through Friday grind, I started losing focus on the things that make all our lives wondrous and beautiful.  As someone still fairly unaccustomed to referring to myself as an “artist,” my passion is using music and words to encourage listeners, and now readers, to smell the roses every chance they get, to mindfully savor life’s very best moments, and to resist at every turn the inevitable pressures imposed by adulthood to live on what I call the “differed enjoyment plan.” 2.What are your favorite books to read?  At this point in my life, I spend almost every working day doing lots and lots of reading as a requirement of my job.  As a result, I find myself doing less and less reading for pleasure. When I do, I like John Gris