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DRUMS And Handmade art Me At The T ROY-HAYNER CULTURAL CENTER PLAYING THE DRUM cOOL dRUMS AT THE tROY-hAYNER cULTURAL CENTER cUTE lITTLE dOLL AT THE tRY -hAYNER CULTURAL CENTER Dress Handmade and candy on it Drum picture Handmade Pictures Art TROY-HAYNER CULTURAL CENTER Drum Concert 2017 Last Night We went to a free family Event at the Troy-Hayner Cultural Center the free event was called Goree Drum Dance It was a African drum and dance program for all ages from 6:30 pm you could do the hands on drum workshop and 7:30 pm was the concert and drum circle. I learned  that the drums are made from animal skins and some are made from recycled drums and they Grow there on beans in there Garden to put in there drums it was really cool you can watch the video to learn more and see more. The event also  had free punch and cookies to enjoy as well as seeing all the drums that you can buy and see and they also had hands