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Book review: monkey business By Romy HS

Book review: monkey business By Romy HS This is so cute about to monkey sisters one older one small and like all little sisters they follow around the big sister and wants to do anything the big sister is doing I can so relate being the oldest out of my three sisters we all copied each other  that just because we loved each other and looked up to one another. Just like the oldest sister asked her parents why does she always copy me the answer the parents gave her was because she loves you and looks up to you and thinks you are the best. Sisters are all alike sometimes they fight but at the end of the day all is well and we enjoy one another this book is a really good book to read to your children about sisters. The author did an amazing job capturing what sisterhood is all about in this cute little monkey book. The illustrations in this book are so cute I loved every picture and how colorful they are. When I was a kindergarten teachers aide I did story time this would ha