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back to school healthy lunch box ideas for kids

back to school lunch box ideas for kids  Here are some easy kid-friendly lunch box ideas that your kids are going to love and enjoy eating. ham and cheese rollup are always good and super easy to make all you need is some ham you can also use turkey or bologna any cold cut meat will work as well as your child's favorite cheese I like shredded cheese you can put ketchup mustard or mayo then you put it all in a taco wrap and then cut it in too little pinwheel and enjoy. Peanut butter and banana roll-ups are good too you take a taco wrap you put peanut butter and banana on it roll it up and enjoy you can also put jelly on it. Apple slices are always good too you can pair them with peanut butter or peanut butter and fluffernutter you can never go wrong with apple bananas or any fruit that your child likes you can also pair celery and peanut butter and put little raisins on top and it looks like ants on the log it is super cute. carrots and ranch are good too