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Christmas at the land doll's mohican castle 2017

Christmas at the land doll's Mohican castle 2017 My stepdad surprised me and my family by taking us to the land dolls Mohican castle for the Christmas light event we all had a great time and enjoyed our selves. We stopped in the in the lobby of the castle to look around it is beautiful inside and out we looked at there gift shop it is a small gift shop but with a lot to offer my favorite was the wooding postcard that you can buy it was really cool because it was made out of wood instead of paper. We also enjoyed happy hour at the copper mug restaurant we enjoy trying four different appetizers we tried these really good goat cheese on bread it was really good one of my favorites know we also had chips with queso cheese and some with spinach and cheese as well as some fried cheese it was all really good and the decor was beautiful. The best part was it was snowing God made it snow just in time for beautiful Christmas light display it really did feel like