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Interviewing Author Salina Barksdale-Clark

please tell me more about yourself? Landon Ryan Clark is a vivacious 12-year-old young man. He finds joy in basketball, video games, and exploring. Landon is an honor roll student, 6th grade student. Salina Barksdale-Clark can be best described as a jack of all trades. She serves as a vital member of the community, a mother of three (the youngest of whom is Landon), an entrepreneur, and an amazing wife. Salina is wonderful and this is proven throughout this book, which is her first published work. Together we are the authors of “Mommy If You Just Hold My Hand”. What are your favorite books to read? Books reflective of history and books written by new authors.  Do you like coffee or tea? I am a tea girl & Landon loves sweet iced tea. How many books have you written? Salina -1, Landon-2 Do you have a favorite bookstore? We have 2 favs, Books & Crannies in VA, and NextChapter Bookstore in NC Did you go to college for writing? We did not.  Growing up What were your favorite books t

Interviewing Author John Walker plus book review,

  Please tell me more about yourself? John Walker Pattison was born in the wonderful seaside town of South Shields 65 years ago. He is a long-suffering, yet dedicated Newcastle United supporter; however, there is little doubt that the crucial hinge in John’s life, is his beautiful wife, June. “Nothing is more important than family,” says John. He recently retired from his post as a senior clinical nurse specialist in hematology at his local hospital, a place that established his cancer diagnosis over 47 years ago; at that time his parents were told that he would not survive, yet here he is today, humbled to be one of the longest living cancer survivors in the UK today. Due to the pandemic and his chronic illnesses as a consequence of the salubrious chemotherapy and radiotherapy he received decades earlier, he decided to put pen to paper and document the elasticated stories he has been telling his grandchildren for many years. What are your favorite books to read? Undoubtedly, 'Bury

Interviewing Author Lisa Liss

Please tell me more about yourself? Q1. What are your favorite books to read?  A. As a teacher, I read a ton of books with my students. My favorites are Judy Blume's Fudge series, Hoot, The Great Gilly Hopkins, and everything about the Holocaust and Anne Frank. As for me, I love books by Lisa Jackson and silly mystery, romance books. Q2. Do you like coffee or tea?  A.I'm weird, and I never drink coffee, I'm wired without it. I love a spicy tea that I make as iced tea, with no sugar.  Q3. How many books have you written?  A. I have published two complete books; Bandage Project and Dear Anne. I have a chapter in; Get in Trouble and a newly published book out in early March. This book includes a chapter by me about teaching religion in schools. (It's a nationwide book and I am the only American author.) I also have a page in another teaching book. I have written three more books of which two are awaiting an illustrator. The third book is an adult book and it is being edite