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Interviewing Author Laura Drake

1. Tell me about yourself? I was a career CFO (corporate bean-counter), but I’ve been a reader since I could walk. It never occurred to me that I could be an author – they’re way smart!  But one day on the back of my husband’s motorcycle, a dog ran out in the road in front of us (no dogs – or humans – were harmed) and it gave me an idea for a book, a romance, that wouldn’t leave me alone. I sat in front of the computer with the blinking cursor for a year – who was I to think I could write? One day I looked down and realized I had a delete key. I could write the story to get it out of my head and then junk it. No one would know how bad I stunk! But when I typed ‘the end’ a year later, I had a new goal. A book in my hands, with MY name on the cover! It took 3 books and 417 rejections, but I did it! And it was worth it – that first book (The Sweet Spot) won the RITA for Best First Book in 2013. If you’re not familiar, the RITA is the equivalent of the Oscar! My latest, #12, Cowboy for Kee