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Book Review: The Land Of Good By T.S. Thompson

Book Review: The Land Of Good Dream By T.S. Thompson The Land Of Good Dreams By T. S. Thompson This is truly a magical book the main character Samantha is suffering From a horrible thing her parents' death, she goes to live with new foster parents who are also suffering a loss as well but they are kind and open their home up to her. At night Samantha has horrible nightmares then one night she was invited to The Land Of Good Dreams where she meets new friends every child in the Land Of Good Dreams has a protector that is an animal Samantha's protector is a wolf named Mr. Midnight. I really liked this book I could not put it down.   The Author T.S. Thompson did an amazing job writing the story I also loved the cover it is really pretty.  In the story, Samantha made her foster mom Emma a cup of hot milk and honey with a pinch of cinnamon.  I gave it a try and it was really good all you do is heat up a glass of milk, add a spoonful of hone