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Intterviewing Author bj communicates

1. tell me about yourself? I am a Kingdom writer, Communications Practitioner, and Bible Teacher from Richmond, VA. I grew up here and love helping the community. In addition to the other things that I do, I am a husband and father. My family is my greatest accomplishment and if I couldn’t be anything else, husband and father would be number one on my list. I am definitely an introvert that loves people but enjoys alone time to recharge. I love to cook and watch Marvel movies and cartoons. My life’s passion and profession is helping people to articulate their experiences and develop healthier interpersonal communication and conflict resolution skills. 2. what are your favorite books to read? I love autobiographies and books that are in the inspirational genre. I love to hear people’s life stories told in their own words. Hearing the stories of others allows me to grow as a person. Their successes and failures assist me and evolving as a person and avoid some of the mistakes that they h