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Low Carb cheese crisps in the Microwave.

Low Carb cheese crisps in the Microwave.  This is so good you can add any seasoning you like to this tasty little snacks. These are super easy to make in the microwave and so much easier to make then in the oven.  Take 2 slices of cheese you would put on your hamburger cut them into little squares place them on a parchment paper-lined plate and cook 2 minutes and 30 seconds in the microwave and done so much easier to make then the oven version.   You can also seasoning the cheese before you cook them I added bacon seasoning to mine and they turned out super yummy. You can also add any seasoning you like garlic powder would taste good as well as onion powder and many other tasty seasonings. You can use any cheese you like. Recipe found on the low carb group I am in on facebook. 

Interviewing Author Alice Charlotte Ievins

Interviewing Author  Alice Charlotte Ievins Q1. Tell me about yourself what are your favorite books to read? A. Hello! I live in Bristol, England, where I am currently on maternity leave, having the enormous privilege of looking after my son, Nathan. I can’t believe he’s now seven months old! Normally I work as a small animal veterinary surgeon. I have to say that dogs are my favorite animal to work with! I have always been dog-obsessed and own a cuddly, adventurous Labrador called Summer, who normally comes to work with me. She can always bring me back to my cheerful self, no matter how long and stressful the day is. I also live with my husband, Sam, who has to put up with the various sick animals I bring home (mainly wild birds). I am part of a wonderful church called Emmanuel City Centre. My favorite books include ‘Pride and Prejudice’, Brandon Sanderson’s ‘Mistborn’ trilogy, ‘The Bird and the Sword’ and the first two books in ‘The Mark of the