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Growing up home schooled the movies we would watch and places we would go!

Well let me just start by saying me and my sisters all had a favorite shows group up as a kid and we still do know we always had PBS kids on as a kid and Disney Jr and Nick Jr and we went to the library a lot and picked out are on movies and books.
On PBS kids we would watch Zoboomafoo with the craft brothers we loved that show we learned a lot about animals from that show  we also watched Zoom science  show were kids would teach you about silence in a fun way and do science activity's  we loved that as well we also enjoyed reading rainbow as a kid we loved to read after watching that and we liked the song and watched all the episodes ever made. I would watch Molly and the big comfy couch with her clown doll so sweet loved that show. And between the lions was our favorite as well an author and I also loved Mr. Rogers neighborhood. Sesame Street and I did enjoy watching the old barney shows growing up.
On Disney  Jr we enjoyed watching Stanley we also learned a lot about animals and a…