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Cedar Point Senior Year 2011

Me and My Friends 
Cedar Point Senior Year 2011
For my Senior trip we went to cedar point i was so excited i got to go with my class and friends and be part of a awesome amusement park.
We got to ride in a greyhound bus that the school picked out we got to watch movies for the long trip the movie they picked was pet deactivate with Jim carry i was not watching it i was too busy talking to my friends.
We got to go on all kinds of rides like the sky hawk my friend Adam went on that with me 3 times it was my favorite ride we also went on the trains and the old roller coaster and the Antique cars the first car i was allowed to drive one of my friends said that they were never riding with me again. We went on the Giant Wheel as well i was scared i did not like that one.
We also went on the Cedar Downs racing Horses And we went on the matterhorn ride were my friend dropped the bar on my leg and i ended up with a big bruise it hurt. We also went on the scrambler and the ocean Motion ride and the…