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Like a sponge Sharing Whats on my heart,

Like A Sponge

Did you ever stop to think we are like sponges in away we soak up information like a sponge even kids to it too.

We soak up information by the music we listen too and the movies we watch and listening to what people say. Kids do it too by picking up on everything so be careful what you watch and listen too around them and watch what you say because they will follow you and your chooses you make and pick up on the words that you say.

God has blessed up with the the ability to soak up information in a way that we can use to please and honor him by read and soaking up Gods word and going to church and obeying the Lord  and most of all walking by Faith and following him and not the world.  We should also pray. Prayer is a big part of our christian walk.

Also we need too soak up Gods love for use and pour out are hearts to him and not hang on to are worry and burdens. Because when we hang on to something it kills use inside and takes are joy away because we are consumed by what …