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Why I Blog And Why I Stared A Blog.

Why I Blog And Why I Started A Blog.
Hi, my name is Angelika thank you for taking the time to visit my blog.
I started blogging in 2015 I started out just talking about the different thing in my life to just get me started as a beginner I enjoyed talking about traveling I been to so many places and Got to see so many new and exciting places. I also talk about Jesus my bible and food.
before blogging I was a Kindergarten teachers aid at a local Christian school. They no longer need me when they opened a new school I graduated high school in 2011 with a high school diploma After High school I did not know what to do next are what to do so I prayed about what I can do next so in 2015 my mom helped me start this blog and I could not stop.
I write here on my blog Angelika on the move the reason I called it that was because I travel I am on the move so much I enjoy hanging out with friends and family I am traveling Girl who loves to stay busy and can not just sit around all day I will not let my…