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Jesus Traveled too he was a missionary on the move

Jesus Traveled too he was a missionary on the move.My new sign is done it was so fun to make and paint I picked the United States map and the little stars are where I lived I lived in myrtle beach South Carolina and four different parts of Florida and different parts In Ohio and North Carolina. 

 It says missionary on the move that’s what my friends call me because everywhere I go I love to share the gospel and telling people about God’s love I use every opportunity I get to be a mission Field I use Instagram and Facebook as a missions field and of course the world. I just love Jesus and I won’t others to love him too the story behind missionary on the move is I was a friend of moving to myrtle beach and saying good bye to my friends in Ohio at the time my friend April said to me go be a missionary on the move and I loved that and that’s what I am my deepest desires is to be used by God I love being used by God and I know my friends and family know that too and I love sharing Jesus wit…