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All about me personalty picture.

All about me personalty picture. 
Hi, Angelika here just sharing a little about me too and thought I would share with you my personality.
I truly love life I am happy with my life the life I have is truly a blessing from God everyday day I thank God for a new day and a fresh start and I am thankful for a day that my feet touch the ground.
I love watching movies and listing to music I also enjoy watching TV with my family I love sponge bob and Marilyn Monroe and Johnny Depp.
I love hand sewing and doing crafts making new things and I enjoy working with my hands blogging doing crafts and sewing anything that involves making new crafts and sewing new things I love working with felt.
I love bugs and insects I love using my bug kit and catching bugs and insects I love ants I think they are so cute the small ones I also love butterflies and all their beautiful colors.
I love finding that new style that works for me new hats and scarfs and earring and beautiful things that makes me happy I would s…