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My Style Beauty and and life inspiration i live by

My Style Beauty and life inspiration I live by.I would say my style is unique.
I don't wear much makeup I love being me and how God made me.
I don't like wearing a lot of makeup I add a little eyeshadow some foundation and that's about it know on certain occasions I will wear a lot more make up.
I love how God made me I am fearfully and wonderfully made he made me he knows all about me and care to know me he knows how much hair I have on my head and he also knows my feels and my beauty and my style because he made me and I know I am just beautiful me and you should not care what people say about you have confidence in your self just like I have.
I do like hair care products I don't have a certain one I like but my favorite are the ones that make your hair smell amazing and soft.
My life inspiration would be you are  perfect just the way you are because God made you and he know what he wanted to do and made you the way you are for a very specific reason and you are fearfully…

A Girl who loves being outdoors and flowers and new outfits a beautiful girl at heart that loves exploring Gods world.

A Girl who loves being outdoors and flowers and new outfits a beautiful girl at heart that loves exploring God's world.
I love being outside and taking pictures I carry my camera wherever I go. I don't want to miss anything and I love taking pictures of flowers and me posing something outside like an old wooden fence and beautiful wildflowers by an old bridge anything outside.
My love for nature started when I got my first camera and I had to take that camera every were to the park the mall taking pictures of my friends and family I would get pictures of the sky the sunset the sunrise the wild animals ducks, birds, fish, and trees flowers as well as old houses old barns and farm animals and food.
I remember being outside and picking wildflowers for my mom the one you blow on and they fly away the time we gave them too her the whole flower was gone but she still loved them and said thank you even though they were weed.we would also walk down my grandmas creek and pick wildflowers …