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there is nothing more beautiful than a Girl who is in Love with Jesus

there is nothing more beautiful than a Girl who is in Love with Jesus
When you love Jesus with all your heart there is no better feeling in the world that could make you feel the same way a heart full of Jesus is just what Girl needs  A woman's heart should be so lost in God that a man should have to seek Him to find her.
Having a Gods blessing in your life and in your heart makes me so happy and joyful knowing that God yes God my savior and king is the key and keeper of my heart and soul he protects my heart and holds in his hands.
 I love Jesus so much and he knows that he knows that I mean that with all my heart I love him with all the depth of my heart he is my best friend a girl could ask for and he knows me from the inside out and I am thankful for that.
Gods love is all around us and he shows us that when he died on the cross to pay for our sins so we can live with him forever and he rose again and concord death I am so thankful for that know that is love, Jesus.
Jesus loves us …

style a picture

Style a picture. 
You can style any picture you want to and make it fun and fabulous I love posing for a picture I look up picture ideas on Pinterest and that is where I get my picture ideas from.
So today was a fun day i got to go outside with my mom and sister who took picture for me for my blog and pictures of my little sisters senior pictures in this picture I am posing on a choir I did my hair and make up for these pictures and I just love getting a pictures for my blog I always take my camera with me so I can capture every photo opportunity.
You can rock a selfie by putting on makeup and doing hair pretty and finding a beautiful outfit too and finding a great area to get your picture by you can also try using different camera filters like black and white and vivid as well as vivid warm and dramatic I used vivid warm for this picture I believe.
Selfies can make you happy and give you a great feeling inside you are beautiful the way you are God created us in his image how cool is that…