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Pocketful of sunshine.

Pocketful of sunshine.
I have a pocketful of sunshine I would say because I am always happy and joyful sure I have my ups and downs but I try to be positive and uplifting and I always try to be kind and friendly as well as say something nice about someone.
I love anything happy like happy music and anything pink sparkly and beautiful earrings. I love SpongeBob crafting and sewing as well as being outside I could be outside every day doing something fun and exciting I love checking the mail and I look forward to getting happy mail.
I love to just be me and I got a love that is all mine I love flowers but my favorite kind of flowers are honeysuckle they smell so good and I just love them I also like roses and butterflies anything blue and felt I love making things with felt and beautiful buttons I also love to cook and make new dishes like desserts and I love trying something new.
I love watching the beautiful sunsets and sunrises over the ocean is so beautiful I love insects and bugs like s…