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Attached by Heart being sisters is something special

Attached by Heart being sisters is something special 
has been a very big blessing in my life that I am very thankful for we have been through a lot together. this week I have been missing my little sister Hannah she passed away in 2001 she was 14 months old after being misdiagnosed she is the little baby I am holding.After Hannah died mom came home I was eight years old when she died I asked mom where's the baby she told me and I just was in shock and cried especially at her funeral.
I remember a lot of things about Hannah because I am the oldest out of my sisters Hannah's favorite color was red she loved cheerios she always tried to put her little finger through the hole in the cereal I loved getting plates out for my sisters.
we all loved chef Boyardee mini spaghetti rings and meatballs we would eat that a lot. I miss helping mom clean up the mess she would make.
I remember holding her in my arms and playing with her in her playpen with her toys she always was a happy baby and …