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watch your words and your speech.

watch your words and your speech.
Watch your words is very important because you can speak life or death to a person. 
Speaking life means bringing someone up and uplifting  them using kind words that make someone happy inside and always being nice with your words.  your words are very important because it lets people know that you are a nice person and you are someone that they want to be around. 
Always watch your words because what you say can never leave a person words do hurt and they make a person feel very sad and upset and hurt on the inside they will forgive you if you ask them too but the words you say can never be taken back.
Speaking death to someone means that you are saying mean and nasty words that are not kind and that will leave a person hurt and sad and can cause damage to a person that you will never no because you can not see whats going on in the inside of a person when you are the bully is the person being nasty.
your actions speak louder then your words that is what …