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Bee Kind sweeten your soul

Bee Kind sweeten your soulBeing kind gives me such a warm happy feeling inside it gives you a warm and happy feeling I love being kind and smiling and saying nice things.
Anyone can be kind at any age my kindness comes from the lord and being raised by a mom and a loving family that taught me how to be kind and shows kindness to people and people that don't deserve it.
Jesus says being kind is like honey sweet to the soul and healing to the bones are words are like a sweet yummy honeycomb but if our words are not kind it is like a nasty tasting sour apple that is rotted and hurts people.
You can us kindness to be bad too like don't be kind to get what you want that's not right don't us kindness for evil things.
You can learn kindness from others, Jesus, was a great example of how to be kind and loving make it a habit to practice being kind and apply it to your everyday life.
Be kind to everyone, not just certain people Jesus wants us to be kind to everyone be compassionate …