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A Mom's Perspective on Epilepsy

A Mom's Perspective on Epilepsy 

1.Q your name

A Hi, I'm Stephanie  Grams

2. Q tell me a little more about your children 

A mother to 4 daughters, 2 of which have epilepsy. Angelika is 24 years old, Sierra is 22, Autumn is 20 and Savannah is 17.

3 Q How old was you oldest Angelika when she had her first seizure,

A. Angelika was a healthy, normal 11-month-old child with no medical issues. One evening she was playing with her Aunt and she went into a seizure. At the time we didn't recognize it as a convulsion simply because we had only ever witnessed the type of seizure that makes a person's eyes sort of look " backward. Angelika's seizure made her look "dead."

She was taken by ambulance to a local small town hospital that could not care for her so they had her Life Flighted to Akron Children's Hospital, where Dr. Thomas Enlow became her physician for many years.

4 Q. what is your Oldest daughter Angelika like know

A. Angelika is now a high-functioning, you…