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Christmas blessing and happiness

I get all excited when Christmas is here because it is the best time of the year when everything is beautiful and my favorite holiday.
What I like about Christmas is how beautiful the Christmas light are everyone decorates there house differently with bright colorful lights and beautiful Christmas decorations inside and outside there house me and my family love going for a ride looking at all the Christmas lights and how they decorate our town it is so wonderful.
I love how you go to a store and you smell all the wonderful scented candles and tarts for Christmas and all the cute Christmas decorations.
I love the true meaning of Christmas and that is our lord and savior Jesus's birthday all the presents are nice but the best gift is Jesus.
I love decorating our Christmas tree with the family and decorating  the house with Christmas decorations we also love waking up on Christmas day and maybe finding donuts out we all sit on the floor and take turns opening gifts so one perso…