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Faith beyond fear Interview Questions 2019

Faith Beyond Fear Interview Questions

1. Could you tell us a little about yourself?

A. Hi, my name is Angelika I enjoy reading a good book doing book reviews and blogging when I am not reading or blogging you can find me traveling with my family and going to the local library I love the local library I have been blogging for five years now and I enjoy it I have epilepsy and I do not let that get in the way of my blogging and reading and doing book reviews.

2. You are a writer. Do you mind telling us a bit about it and the inspiration for your writing?

A.  I started writing in 2014 when I moved to myrtle beach I also enjoyed writing in a journal or notebook so I asked my mom to help me start a blog where I could write and share my stories and many travels as well as inspiring others to write and Helping them express them selfs through writing.

3. How did you come to love Christ?

I went to church my whole life when I was eight, my mom had me sit down on our hallway steps and helped get…