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Here is my Ultimate Summer Bucket List 2019

Here is MY Ultimate Summer Bucket List

Here is my  Ultimate Summer Bucket List That I would love to do and have this summer.
This summer there is so much that I would love to do with my family and I thought I would make a list here and check it off this summer and blog about it so keep checking back so you can follow along on my many adventures this summer and I will cross of what Was on my bucket list and blog about it.
1. picnic at the park.  I would love to have a picnic in the park with my family we will just have to find the perfect park to go to where we live.
2. Go hiking. I would love to go hiking with my family there are all kinds of hiking places where I live and I and my family Love going hiking in the woods together.
3. go fishing. I would love to Go fishing with my family this summer it would be so much fun we can pack a lunch in a cooler and sit back and talk and fish in a boat together. 
4. go bowling. I love going bowling that would be so much fun with my family we can buy p…