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My Summer Reading List 2019

My Summer Reading List 2019
Here is the book I have lined up to read this summer can't wait to show you what I will be reading here is a list of books that you might be interested in too. My plan is to read 20 minutes a day from 8pm to 9:30pm I will Be doing Book reviews for All these wonderful books Here on my blog and crossing off the books I read and the date I finished for fun Also I will be Adding to this list as I read A New Book.  
A sultry Performance-By Jessica Lauryn.
In Apple Pie Order-By Joi Copeland
Second-Chance Dogs- By Callie Smith Grant
A Different Kind of fire- By Suanne Schafer
Spirit's Bane-By Julie C. Gilbert
Crap Happens- By Cindy Keiger
The Amish Baker - By Marie E. Bast
Redeemer chronicles -by Julie C Gilbert.
Heartfelt Cases -by Julie C. Gilbert.
Miracle in my Living Room. By Evelyn Mann
Undeniable- By Janet A, Mota
Love's Kindling - By Elaine Marie Cooper
Misty Manor By Linda Rawlins
Raising Secure, Contented Children -By Lisa Daiker
Frances Darwin Investigates-B…