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Happy Nature Photography day 2019

Happy Nature Photography day 2019
The North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA) along with millions of photographers and photography lovers across the nation observes Nature Photography Day on June 15th.  The info found at check out the website to learn more about the holiday and why so many people are celebrating it.

Today Is June 15, 2019, Why is this day so important you ask because it is nature photography Day.
Two of my favorite things nature and Photography I carry My camera where ever I go I don't what to miss a photo opportunity.
My favorite pictures to take is nature pictures I like to call Nature Gods beautiful artwork The best pictures to take or nature pictures.
Carry your camera and take as many pictures of nature you can get. The hashtag I see people are using is #naturephotographyday.
The picture I took for this blog post is of a leaf bug that was on our car yesterday they are so cool to see G…