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Independent Book Review: Marilyn the ultimate book By Mike Evans

Independent Book Review: Marilyn the ultimate book by Mike Evans 
I got this Book For Christmas Past year from my grandma She knows that I like Marilyn Monroe so she got me this book. 
The author, Mike Evans did an amazing Job ON this book. If you are a Marilyn Monroe Fan, then you need to read this book. 
This book Is so cool everything you need to know about the beautiful Marilyn Monroe I read this book and I learn so much about her I did not know about she was not the dumb blonde people thought she was she was very smart and loved to read she had all kinds of books on her bookshelf.
Behind all the beauty was a girl with an unhappy past that she could not move on since she grows up in different foster homes and with fame and a mystery death people are still trying to figure out still to this day there are a lot of conspiracy theories going around on YouTube about her death but we will never know for sure.
I like Marilyn Monroe I think she was so pretty My favorite song she sang was diamo…