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I love cookies

I love cookies.  I love cookies A lot No matter what kind they are I love them I am like the cookie monster I love cookies. I love baking them in the oven and eating them too. I feel like the character Angelika of the rugrats she loved cookies too.  My favorite cookies are snowball cookies they are chocolaty and covered in powered Suger they are super yummy, I also like sugar cookies with frosting and no-bake cookies and chocolate chip cookies. When I lived in Ohio, I would get together with my friends on Christmas and have a cookie swap we would make cookies and share them with everyone my friend made these fantastic cookies they were chocolate thump prints they were super good. This Christmas My sister and I were talking and we could not wait to make Christmas cookies this year. My sister had an idea that she would bake the cookies and I will blog about them that would be so much fun my sister makes beautiful desserts.   Around Christmas time, I