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Handmade seashell art wind chimes.

Handmade seashell art wind chimes. 
I Made A Seashell windchime With the seashells I have collected from the beaches I visited. 
It was super easy to make and fun.
 yes if you are wondering these are old pictures from two years ago when I lived in Florida for some reason when I changed my blog all my stuff disappeared with it so I am adding it again.
For this Awesome paper plate Craft, you will need the following
A couple of seashells store-bought are fine.
1 pack of paper plates. 
scrapbook paper and any pattern or color will do.
1 hot glue gun.
step 1. take the paper plate and cut a hole in the middle of the paper plate.
step 2 glue the scrapbook paper to the middle of the plate.
step 3. Have fun gluing the seashells around the paper plate.
step 4. hang seashells by gluing them to string and hanging the string by the paper plate like you see in the picture above.
The goal is to have fun making this fun craft and being creative with it.