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Our family trip to Sanibel island 2015

Our family trip  to Sanibel island 2015
I had so much fun visiting Sanibel Island with my family. My stepdad surprised My family and me on a day trip to the island.
We had so much fun we stopped at Pinocchios ice cream shop and got some dessert-like different kinds of candy and ice cream.
We also stopped at an outside shopping mall and we saw these beautiful birds they even talked to us it was a lot of fun shopping around and buying fun things.  we stopped at a restraint nearby that was inside a supermarket and I got the seafood salad it was good.
we finally made it to the beach and I found a lot of seashells and we saw a lighthouse and my sisters said they saw a sea turtle but I did not get to see it becouse I was taking pictures.
There was a great Photo opportunity.  someone put 2015 in the sand using seashells so I had to get a picture by it I also got a picture of me holding up a lot of seashells in my hand.
My family and I lived in Fort Myers Florida at the time so we lived close t…