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North myrtle beach vs myrtle beach.

North myrtle vs Myrtle beach. North Myrtle Beach I have been to both North myrtle beach and myrtle beach.  My favorite was North  Myrtle Beach because it was lt was less touristy and more relaxing. I also liked it becouse there was more wildlife to see in my opinion. I found a cute little hermit crab walking along the water and I showed my aunt Tracy and she got a picture for me.  I also liked it becouse I was able to find seashells. Also, my Mom agrees she also liked north myrtle beach and she said it was cleaner and family-friendly.  North myrtle beach is less crowded with people and more relaxing. Myrtle Beach  I find in my opinion myrtle beach is crazier and the beach is more crowded with people.  I enjoyed doing a bible study on the beach with friends. Myrtle Beach is crazier and more touristy and with all the little shops and boardwalk there are more things to do there. I found more seashells in myrtle beach