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What I wore on my date with Adam. 2020

What I wear on my date with Adam. 2020

I went on Valentine's Day date with Adam very special Guy I know.
I wore a pink sweater with these really cute flowered pants and Valentine's Day earrings my sister let me borrow.
First Adam took me to the movies. we saw "The Photograph" and enjoy sharing popcorn. The movie was ok if you like romantic movies, so you may like this one.

Adam took me out to dinner at texas roadhouse and I got two pieces of BBQ chicken and a big baked potato with sour cream and butter it was so good.
I felt so special Adam took me to dinner and movie.
For Valentine's Day Adam got me a beautiful bracelet some dark chocolate with a strawberry filling and a super cute card and gift bag.
I made Adam a candy bar basket with M&Ms and candy bars I also made him a cute picture frame that says "Adam and Angelika".
After dinner we went to the mall to look around I had a great time with him.
I had a great date night with him he made my valentines day …

Adams Valentines Gift I made him a candy bar bouquet 2020

Adams Valentines Gift I made him a candy bar bouquet 2020
I made Adam A Candy Bar Bouquet for Valentine's day.

I started making Candy Bar Bouquets for 4H and all through high school this is the first Candy Bar Bouquet I made Adam.
A little bit about Adam we have been in each other's lives since Middle school we know each other through our youth group I was 14 when I first Got to  meet him. 
We have been to every school dance together plus 2 buckeye proms and one night to shine dance. After high school, Adam went to buckeye a career center so I went to prom with him there too.
I love Adam he is very special to me I love are facetime chats and spending time with him. 
To make a Candy Bar Bouquet is very simple and easy.

all you need is 
1 cup or basket.
1 bag of candy any kind will do.
1 styrofoam. 
1 bag of decorative paper.
Watch the video above it shows you step by step on how to make one.
My mom Stephanie Grams helped me make this and film it.