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Places I want to visit and why.

Monkey in Costa Rica free picture on

Number 1 on my bucket list is Costa Rica. Why you ask because I want to go there and see the wildlife I love animals and I  would love to see the beautiful beaches there.
beautiful picture in Ireland free on pixabay.

Number 2 on my bucket list is Ireland. I want to go to Ireland to see the lavender field it looks so beautiful in pictures I would also like to see the beautiful sunsets. I heard from a friend of mine that the hills are beautiful there. 
Marilyn Monroe Grave free picture on pixabay.

Number 3 on my bucket list is Hollywood California. I want to visit Hollywood California to see Marilyn Monroes Gravesite and too see her house that would be so cool and I am a big Marilyn Monroe fan. Something else I would love to do there is to stay at the Marilyn Monroe suite at the Hollywood Roosevelt hotel. 

Scotland picture free on pixabay.
Number 4 on my bucket list is Scotland. I would love to go to Scotland to see all the beautiful Castles and ch…