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A winter wonderland plus a free winter fun printable. Winter 2020

A winter wonderland plus a free winter fun printable. 

It is a winter wonderland outside today in Ohio. 
I love the snow I think it is so beautiful.
Winter is a great time for you and your family to get outside and enjoy the snow have fun build a snowman have a snowball fight.
I miss my Dog Madison she loved the snow she would roll in the snow and she would have snow all over her fur and nose it was so cute.
Every time I look at the snow I think of madison and how she would have loved the winter this time of year in Ohio.
I miss the snow when I lived down south because it never really feels like winter or Christmas without snow. 
My favorite activities to do in the snow is playing snowball fights and build a snowman and take pictures of the snow I love taking pictures of the snow it is so beautiful. 
My favorite Fun snow day memories with my family were going outside with my sisters when we were little and playing in the snow together we would all get dressed in winter outfits and have fun in…