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Doing everything for the Lord.

 I love helping people and volunteering. I love Volunteering all thought high school I was Volunteering everywhere I Just love helping people. I started Volunteering every summer at our local YMCA for a summer camp called butterfly camp.  Butterfly camp is a camp for special needs children grade school through middle school ages I loved helping at butterfly camp. I was in A Adult when I start helping at the butterfly camp. What I learned at butterfly camp working with special needs children is they taught me so much like friendship, accepting people and loving who you are and always smile in the good day and bad not only was I teaching them but they also were teaching me new things as well. When I was in high school I started Volunteering at church in a class for special needs adults called the good shepherds class.  I loved working in the Good shepherds class I was a table leader I helped by reading the bible lessons to the class and helping