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Hiking trial in indian trial north carolina 

 Brookgreen gardens in murrells inlet south carolina 

The wilderness center in Ohio

the wilderness center in Ohio 
Hiking in Troy Ohio. 
My senior picture 2011, at the wilderness center

My senior picture at the park. 

The nature calls to me. 
I love Being outside Nature is one of my favorite places to be.
I was always outside when I was growing up I would put on my favorite princess dress and go play in the mud with it on.  Being outside playing was one of our homeschooling physical education class so my sisters and I were always outside.
My Mom had us outside every day we would go hiking at the norma johnson center and the Wilderness Center in Ohio. 
My Mom also would take us to the park and we would walk the track and play on the playground. We would also walk up the park hills for fun. 
In high school, I got to go on a field trip with my biology class to the woods to find insects for a science experiment I loved it. I got mud all over my pants.