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Old Historical bridges and Dames in Ohio.

Old Historical bridges  and Dames in Ohio. 

Went to some really awesome places with my friend Colleen today she took me to her home town and gave me a tour this  bridge was built in like the 1900 or so she when this bridge was working she would drive on it two cars could drive on it and when It was snowing you just slide right on down she would ride the school bus on this bridge too even when the water was high it was cool to see and learn about the history. 

The dame was build on 1935 her grandpa helped build this bridge and people go rock climbing down this and you can see the farm her grandpa owns it was really cool you should check out my videos and her and learn the cool history about it.
I love seeing old bridges and learning about all the historical places that are in Ohio and we have been to quite a few we have lived in mount Vernon ohio and they had a lot of historical brides too we went on one there before and went under the bridge too they also had a really old historical glass…

Visit Virginia greenbrier shop at tamarack

Visit Virginia greenbrier shop at tamarack We took a road trip to north Carolina from Ohio  we moved to north Carolina and an are trip my step dad surprised us by taking us to tamarack.
Tamarack is such a beautiful place filled with beautiful local art and craft that are beautifully made and professionally made too.
There are many sculptures, carvings, paintings, blown glass products, Ans much more they have lots of unique gifts and a restaurant and grill. we ate the the restaurant and the food was delicious and i got the special it was fried green tomatoes on a bun and it came with french fries it was very good and for dessert i got this amazing banana cake it was all very good.
The arts and crafts a very cool to look at and very interesting the sun catchers are just beautiful and the mirrors are beautiful too.
we liked this place because we love seeing different kinds of art and crafts there is so much to see and do there i could spend all day there they even have a nice coffee shop and a…

All about me personalty picture.

All about me personalty picture. 
Hi Angelika here just sharing a little about me too and thought i would share with you my personalty.
I truly love life i am happy with my life the life i have is truly a blessing from God everyday day i thank God for a new day and a fresh start and i am thankful for a day that my feet touch the ground.
I love watching movies and listing to music i also enjoy watch TV with my family i love sponge bob and Marilyn Monroe and johnny Depp.
I love hand sewing and doing crafts making new things and i enjoy working with my hands blogging doing crafts and sewing anything that involves making new crafts and sewing new things i love working with felt.
I love bugs and insects i love using my bug kit and caching bugs and insects i love ants i thing they are so cute the small ones i also love butterfly's and all there beautiful colors.
I love finding that new style that works for me new hats and scarfs and earring and beautiful things that makes me happy i would sa…