Educational Spring Break Ideas For 2017

Spring Break Ideas For 2017

Looking for a fun and a educational family vacation this summer well you came to the right place.

This spring break make sure you visit Tarpon springs Florida It is the largest Sea sponge capital of the world i have learned a lot about sea sponges from visiting there and i did not know there was so many different kinds of sea sponges. And we got to learn how they harvest them. When i was there i asked a fishermen who just came in from being out in the sea i ask him how long were you out at sea he said 17 days that is a long time.

If you ever Go to port st Lucie make sure you visit the Manatee and Observation Center you will have to check some days are free and it is a fun and educational place to visit and you get to see the bones of a real manatee hang on the wall and other awesome things you will get to see and they have a big tower you can walk up to look for manatees in the water we did not get to see any that day. And they have hands on activity's for kids 

Also if you do find your self in Port st Lucie make sure you also check out the St Lucie County Aquarium They also have hands on activity's for kids as well and i believe some days are free you will just have to check in to that. They have all kinds of beautiful fish and other underwater animals to see and you can hold a starfish and other sea life as well it was fun.

There are places in Ohio you can Go to as well that is very Educational and just has fun especially if you what to stay close to home and Save Money.

In troy Ohio You should check out the Troy-Hayner Cultural center were they have events for the whole family that are educational and Fun the event me and my family went too was the band concert were you can see how see and hear African music and dance they has hands on activity's for kids as well like playing the drums they even had a drum circle for children.

In Canton Ohio you can visit The McKinley Museum you can learn so much there and they also have Hands on Activity's for kids as well. You will also be able to learn about the McKinley's. There is so much fun and exciting things to do there and they have a really nice gift shop as well.

In Columbus Ohio  there is a science Fun center called Cosi we loved it there and there was so much fun things to do and see i did not what to leave. I learned so much about sience and my favorite was the quite room were you can hear nothing the walls are not the same as we have at home. I also liked going on the rides and eating at the food place there.

Also make sure you check out your local library they offer free and fun and educational programs for kids like story time and some have hands on activity's for your children so make sure you call you library and they will give you a list of there child programs they are offering as well as teen and adult programs.

Go on a nature walk have your kids take pictures of what they see and talk about what they have found this can be fun and Educational. play i spy our go on a nature Scaventure hunt and talk about what they have found you can find all kinds of nature activity's on pinterest. Nature walks are always fun and Educational. 

You can also visit a zoo there is always fun things to do at a zoo and some zoo offer hands on activity's too. When i was home schooled i went to the Cleveland zoo in Ohio and i got to feed a shark and a sting ray that was fun. And zoos have really nice gifts shops too. Make sure you check out the zoos website and call a head they can give you more info on what programs they are having.

Are you planing on a Spring Break Vacation were are you planing on going? 

Any travel places i should go to  recommends please?  

love to hear from you  
Enjoy Reading Angelika



  1. this makes me wanna travel so bad! <3

  2. Museums, aquariums and zoos are always a hit with the kids! Last spring break, I took my little ones to the zoo and they still talk about it. An aquarium is a good idea for this year.

    1. thank you for sharing that with me how cute Aquariums are fun and enjoyable i love them too i am glad that you will be able to go to the aquarium again soon.


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