My Favorite Accessories Earrings And Hats

More of my favorite pair of earrings

Favorite Hat

My Favorite Hat

My Favorite Purple Earrings.

My Favorite Accessories!

Every Girl Has a favorite Accessory.
That could be  purses our shoes and Jewelry really anything.

I like earrings i am a earring kind of girl. 
I were earrings were ever i go my favorite pair of earrings are the purple ones in the picture.
 I also like hats my favorite hat is the blue and sparkly one in the picture i could were that Hat everywhere.

My whole Jewelry box has earrings in them lots of beautiful earrings. 
I like all kinds long dangling earring and studs. to 

My favorite stores to shop for earrings our walmart and clarie's at the mall.

I started liking earrings when i got my ears pierced at fifteen My mom friend at the time had all kinds of earrings and she let me have a pair of them and i wear them everywhere they were the most beautiful earrings i have ever seen they were blue
and dangled and sparkled in the sun.

I collected them ever since and had so many in high school that i wished i had know but i still have a lot. 

I also have a few more that i like to they are picked above the blue pair i really like and the purple ones and the starfish blue ones my parents got me when we lived in myrtle beach.

I have some silly earrings too like cat earrings and pink flamingos that i like to wear to the beach and in the summer time.

For Christmas i have Christmas gift earrings they are super cute.

What is your favorite Accessory Do you have one? 
Looking forward to earrings from you 

Enjoy Angelika 


  1. I must say, you have some beautiful jewelry, Angelika. I like those dangling earrings you have. You always dress so pretty with matching hat, clothes and jewelry. Keep up the good work!

  2. I loved all of your earrings! And you look really cute with that hat on :)


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