Visit Knox county Ohio mount Vernon Parks :)

The beautiful hiking trail was where we walked.

Me  at ariel foundation park 

The tower at the Ariel foundation park 

Me by the river of glass at ariel foundation park 

The beautiful creek 

Me under a tree at Ariel 

A beautiful leave in the water at the creek

Some information about the river of Glass

Me  by the old train tracks 

the beautiful river of Glass

Beautiful Blue Glass

Me hiking 

The beautiful creek 

Visit Knox county Ohio mount Vernon  Parks :)

If you never been to Mount Vernon Ohio you should add it to your bucket list of many parks to see they do have some really cool historical parks the one park called ariel foundation park was an old glass factory that they had restored some of its factories to go look at.

Ariel park is home to really cool things like the river of class and the maze as well as a tower you can walk up it used to be the factory's chimney that they had restored so you can walk up yes I have walk up it but did not get very far me and my family started walking back down ariel park is a big park it goes on for miles it is also as hiking trials a beautiful lake, as well as different pounds with frogs in it and there, are so many geese there and they have a beautiful picnic area me and my friend were thinking about going there for bible study it's a beautiful place to get pictures. Also at Ariel, they have a museum in the park you can look at to see how the factory was it's really cool.

Memorial park in Mount Vernon is a beautiful park too it has so many to offer they have tennis courts and  in the summertime they have people playing baseball and they a food stand you can go to they also have a beautiful hiking trail and a creek that is open to the public that you can walk down it's really beautiful down by the creek expressly when the sun is going down and you can see the beautiful sunset what's really cool is I have found sea glass and seashells down by the creek it was a cool find for me and my family I have also callect rocks down by the creek to paint and hide.

Also at the memorial park, they have picnic tables and a skateboard park to the trail goes on for awhile and you can even go under this beautiful old railroad tracks that used to be a bridge. 

these are my two favorite parks to go to but my most favorite one is Ariel because people hide a lot of there painted rocks there to find and I have found a lot of beautifully painted rocks there if your not sure what this game is people paint rocks and hide them with there hashtags on the back of the rock if you find their rock you posted it on the Knox County Ohio rocks facebook group with there tag and it's really cool to see whos rock you found I have also hide rocks that I painted at ariel and was cool to see who found my rock.

The parks here are very beautiful and I love seeing Gods creations all around me from the woods in the park and the flowers, as well as the wildlife running, throw the forest in the woods when you are walking in the summer time you can also see bubble bees of all kinds buzzing around the flowers I got some pictures of the bees on the flowers.  My mom likes the parks here too she said they are neat and if does feel like you are on an adventure.

Also in the summertime, I saw some turtles on a log when we were hiking they were all different sizes big and small I would say they were snapping turtles we saw some big tree trunks laying on the ground I was thinking I wonder what kind of animals found there home in them and insects too Gods world is so amazing.

By the creek, I loved hearing the water sound it was so relaxing to hear and very peaceful me and my mom and sisters loved going down by the creek and watching the sunset and I enjoyed looking for walks and taking pictures I love nature and being outside we can't go by the creek know because the water is high and it's not safe right now but next summer or maybe in the spring we can go down by the creek again.

I and my mom were the first to discover ariel park and memorial park here when we would go on our adventures so we had to share our discovery with my sisters and dad they liked it too my sister's favorite park was probably memorial park where the creek is.

We have also visited other parks and hiking trials here one was wolf run park that was not our favorite park at all to me and my family the hiking trail there is kinda dangerous they are not marked properly and I fell over a tree trunk that was cover by the leaves not very safe.

What is your favorite park you have ever been too?

Enjoy reading Angelika