I Miss The Beach!

I Miss The Beach!

What I would give to be at the beach again under the warm hot sun and the sweet smell of sunscreen wearing sunglasses. I miss that and seeing all the beautiful wildlife on the sea and on land this picture was taken at Vero Beach in Florida in 2016 it's an old picture but one of my many favorites. the thing I am sitting on we all thought it was a shark at first lol. But as we got closer we found out it was not we are too silly my stepdad surprised us all my taking as all to the beach and watch the sunrise it was a very beautiful site to see we need to go back to the beach I miss traveling with my family we have been to so many places and saw so many beautiful and wonderful places. our favorite was myrtle beach when we moved we left a piece of our hearts we just loved everything about it the beach and the boardwalk and the Broadway at the beach and so much more we loved the little shops. Another favorite place to live was port st Lucie Florida we loved everything about that too God made such a beautiful world and I can't wait to see more and I been to so many places and everywhere we go I have touch someone's hearts in some way and I have been a missionary on the movie too. I love making new friends when we movie too and I miss my old friends when we movie but I always know ways we can keep in touch. And who knows what God has in store for us next you never know God has a plan for us all.

The beach one of the most relaxing places you could be when you are at the beach all your worry's and stress go away. I love hearing the ocean waves and feeling the wind in your face and smelling the salty air at the beach and feeling the sand between your toes and sand all of your body but man does it get every wear and it is hard to wash off.

One time I saw a ghost crab on the beach it was so cute and we saw lots of sea turtles too I miss finding seashells and collecting them I used to have a lot and a very big collection. The beach is also a great place to lay on your towels and read a book and swimming in the ocean is so wonderful the salt does not taste good and it hurts when is gets in your eyes but getting a sunburn is no fun at all they hurt really bad and they are painful so always wear your sunscreen.

Stay safe this summer by never going alone to the beach always have someone you trust to go with you and have someone watch you in the water it is never smart to be alone anymore and it can be lonely if you buy your self.

I also love to read my bible on the beach and I would pray at the beach too it's a wonderful feeling reading at the beach because it's relaxing and bring plenty of water because you can get very thirsty.

It is also fun to pack a picnic with lots of snack and food so you don't have to spend a lot of many to buy food and drinks at the food stands at the beach.

What is your favorite part of the beach?

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Enjoy reading Angelika



  1. The beach is wonderful, I know. Too bad we didn't live close enough to just drive there when we wanted, huh?!

    1. thank you and yes it would be very nice if we lived close


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