Book review:Groundhog secrets everything you always wanted to no about woodchucks


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Book review: Groundhog secrets everything you  always wanted to no about woodchucks

Ever wanted to know more about woodchucks well here is a great book to learn all about them.

This cute little book is about a woodchuck named Margot who has a secret she would like to share with all of you read the book to find out what the secret will be.

This is a great book for kids to learn all about the amazing woodchuck it is super cute and will keep your kids interested in learning about woodchucks the story is so cute and the pictures are what really make the book.

I love these kinds of books because I love learning about animals and different kinds of animals.

This cute little book is very educational and cute.

The author did a really good job on this cute little children's book that your child would like you to read over and over again.

You should put this on your child's reading list this summer do you and your kids go to the library over the summer if so you should do the summer reading program and add this to your summer reading.

I am thoroughly impressed with this book it was a wonderful book about animals this book would be perfect for a classroom library and in your child's bookshelf. 

The pictures in this book are amazing with so many cute and wonderful additions and the way this author brought the story plot forward is so cute.

I love that this book and how it was able to teach me everything about groundhogs just yesterday when I was visiting my grandparents there in the field was a groundhog eating they are so cute. 

It is really cool that woodchucks were able to climb trees cute and interesting book about groundhogs and those of you who like groundhogs would love this book too.

Margot is cute groundhog this is a beautiful story on how groundhogs live there lives. Margot the author did a wonderful job on teaching and captivating the wonderful animal. this is A story that parents can read to their kids and teach them at the same time.

I enjoyed reading this book, and the children will also be very proud to know Margot the groundhog.

The author Lieve Snelling did an amazing job on the book and the illustration on this children's books.

When I was a kindergarten teachers aide I was in charge of story time I loved reading to the children and I am sure they would have loved this book as well.

Lieve has made two books in this series the other one is named Margot gets an unexpected visit that will be up on the blog next.

Here is a little biography about the author Lieve 
I got some of this information on her website.

Lieve Snellings is a retired freelance photographer who lives in Leuven (Belgium).

Lieve Snellings became BookGoSocial Top Voted Children’s Author in 2017.

Her images illustrated many books, magazines and were published online. Her photos were shown in exhibitions all over the world.

Since 2008, after meeting up with her partner who lives in Quebec, you can find her for about 4 to 5 months a year in Canada. There she became a passionate nature photographer. She spent hours, weeks… observing wildlife and searched every info she could find. This and her imagination made her publish two children’s books in which photos are as important as words. The books are written in her mother tongue Dutch and translated in English and French.

You can find her on 

You can also find more information about her many wonderful books on her website.

Enjoy reading Angelika