Book review:Who am I by Suzanne Mulcahy

Book review: Who am I by Suzanne Mulcahy



This is such a cute little about a panda bear named Yin who learns about himself including his heart that holds a special gift that he can bring to the world.

This is a very cute book that will teach children that it is OK to be you. 

Who Am I? Yin is a young panda bear who is discovering who he is - his personality, his likes and dislikes, his different moods and his thoughts. "I think about many things. Sometimes I think about my family...Sometimes I think about food. Are my thoughts part of me?" Yin is learning that he is created in an amazing way that we can all relate too He is fascinated with himself.

Yin is Most happy when he learns about his heart and the love and the special gifts that come from his heart your heart is full of love it has all the special gifts that you can give to someone just by smiling at them and showing them kindness sharing your toys with them.

Suzanne does a wonderful job of reminding us that we are all loved and that the best part of being loved is spreading it and sharing it.  Who Am I will encourage and inspire you to love who you are And be patient with who you are and most importantly to love who you are and How to share your love and kindness.

This is such a sweet book that should be in your classroom library and on your child's bookshelf this is a book you can read to your kids over and over again,

This should also be on your child's reading list this summer to read.

When I was a kindergarten teachers aide I did story time and I wish this is one of the stories I read to them they would have loved it.

The author Suzanne did an amazing job with this book and the story behind it she really did an amazing job showing children that it is OK to have feelings and to love your self just the way you are. The illustration is just so cute I love the pictures and how real they look I am sure your children will fall in love with the story and the pictures.

This book can also relate to everyone that has love in their heart and would love to share there love to the world also be your self because there is only one like you in this amazing world.

This book will capture the heart of all who read it young are old the world is filled with so many different things that go on in a child's life like friends. being bullying and so much more this book will help you, child, overcome what bully say about them by showing them that it is OK to be your self.

Here is a little about the author.

 I found her Biography on Amazon I am sure she would love that I shared it on my blog and would not mind.

Suzanne has been a school psychologist for over 25 years, and a director of special education, who has extensively worked with children of all ages. Her work has centered on the positive social and emotional development of children. 
Bullying behaviors have been around for a long time but recent events have shown that this behavior has increased to a new level. Suzanne's first children's picture book, "WHO AM I?" is an excellent way of catching this bullying behavior before it ever begins.Throughout the story, "Yin", the panda, goes on a journey in search of himself and discovers his heart. As children understand the special gifts of their heart, their behavior automatically becomes more kind and loving as they learn to appreciate themselves and others.

Suzanne, is the founder and president of Panda Heart Publishing, Inc. She lives in Oregon and is a proud mother and grandmother. Suzanne is currently a presenter for Early Childhood Educators, including Head Start, and parents on ways to prevent bullying behavior among our youth. She has also spoken before the United Nations in a forum entitled: "Global Perspectives to End Racial Discrimination".

You can find read more about her on her website,

Enjoy reading Angelika

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