Book review: Mia and Dad part of a rainbow By Asaf Rozanes

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Book review: Mia and Dad part of a rainbow By Asaf Rozanes 

This is such a sweet book I like the message that Not everyone is the same and some of us have blonde hair others have brown hair and some have red blue and green hair. 

Everyone is different And that ok if everyone was the same life would be sad and boring everyone is special just the way they are God made everyone different and that's what makes you.

When I was a kindergarten teachers aid I did story time I loved reading to the children they would have loved this book for sure and the powerful message.

This story made me smile it brought me back to my childhood at church when we used to sing the Sunday school song red and yellow black and white Jesus loves all the little children in the world.

The author did an amazing Job on this story I love the message your kids will learn that not everyone is the same and that's ok it will help your child really understand that it's ok to be them self and accept everyone for who they are and what they look like it takes many colors to make a rainbow.

I loved the bright colored pictures in the story the illustrator did an amazing job on the pictures and I know that your child will fall in love with the pictures too.

This book would be great in a classroom library and on your child's bookshelf.

I enjoyed this book adults can learn from this book too not just children adults can learn that it is ok to be different and that not everyone is the some.

Children are going to love this book they have hidden heart throughout the story that you can find as well as coloring pages at the end of the book children are going to love coloring those pages after you read them the story.

Mia and an eight-year-old girl who Goes to school and learns that not everyone has green hair like hairs and she learns that everyone is different and that's ok she learned that it takes many colors to be part of the parade at the school that they are having the characters in the story are cute little monsters that are different colors and look different it's really cute. 

Here is the author bio he sent me soIi can us it for this post.

Asaf Rozanes is a single dad, father of 5 y/o Mia, a life coach and children's author with a witty, humoristic and refreshing writing style. The combination of catchy rhymes spiced with humor, an ethical message, and a practical life tool applies to the hearts of children and parents alike.

As a life coach, Asaf aims to give children the tools required to lead a more happy, productive and successful life. Every book contains a message and a practical day-to-day tool which is suitable for children and adults alike.

Imagine how our children's lives would change if we provided them with just a few of these gems and showed them how to use them efficiently through life - experience here and now, motivating yourself, self-reliance, strengthening your self-esteem, accepting mistakes and learning from them, setting goals and achieving them, embracing yourself and enjoying your life journey...a child with these tools will become a happier and successful person ready
for every challenge and set to make a difference in the world!

As Asaf puts it:
"I want children to enjoy and embrace life.
I want them to keep talking to their inner child and keep that flame alive and kicking!
I want them to make mistakes, to be creative, true to themselves and to understand that is where they grow and succeed...I want them to remain free!"

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